As a freelance writer I consider it my job to create your story.

I specialize in smart, creative and fun digital and print content that feels (and is) authentic.

As a trained and professional writer, I give you the words that inspires others. Everybody has an interesting story to tell or a great product to sell. I help you find and express your personal story, your brand story or your business story. Because people love stories.

Ghostwriter / Blogger / Copywriter / Content Marketing

In a world of too much information, you need an honest voice that conveys your product & service with your values & ideals in an engaging story. You need readers and costumers that want to join your tribe because they belong and feel uplifted.

That’s what I can do for you.

I have an academic degree in humanistic studies, and more than ten years of experience in content-coaching, content writing, academic and journalistic articles, policy documents and – advice, blogs, white papers and specialized blogs for a non-specialized audience. And of course, I write my own stories for the fun of it.

I am born in the Netherlands (where we all learn to write English from an early age), have a passion for bikes and language and tire myself with an unsettling curiosity. I work fast and efficient. I am flexible, intelligent and (its true) a very nice person.

I know WordPress, HTML, CSS and SEO. I write about work 2.0, digital nomadism, flexible jobs, woman with careers, sabbatical leave, sustainability and minimalism, finding meaning in your work and traveling/commuting by (folding)bicycle. I have a specific interest in the margins, the in-between and not yet fully developed, in experimental living (including the failures) and in humor as the healthiest way to cope with anything. I do not write for companies that do stupid things like selling meat, weapons and cars. Sorry for that.

Want to work with me? Great! Leave me a message.