Thinking is a solitary thing. But good thinking always requires dialogue. It can be a dialogue with books, articles, a group or a person. Sometimes you need someone that clears up your mind. When you feel stuck. When you need to sharpen your thoughts.

When you need a co-thinker.

When you need a midwife for your thoughts.

thinking 2.0 / co-thinking / thought sharing

Guess what? I am a professional think-midwife!

I ask the right questions to help you along. I unravel your brain because all you need is in there already. I can help you organize your arguments, express your creativity and open up your imagination.

Who can benefit?

  • you are writing a book but can’t get your arguments straight
  • you are writing a paper but don’t seem to get any further
  • you have heard a lot of arguments, a lot of pro and contra, but are unable to bring things together and create your own vision or opinion
  • you want someone to help along with your thoughts and feelings but don’t need a psychologist. You need listener and co-thinker.

So what is a think-midwife anyway?

  • you can call it a philosophical coach, a mental assistent, a thinking assistent, a brain coach, an unraveler.

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